Layover: A Prologue

The creation of this blog happened over two days in three airport terminals, with only four hours total of sleep in the last 28 hours of travel. After departing Los Angeles International Airport to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, complete with a 12-hour layover, I finally arrived in Costa Rica via Juan Santamaria Aeropuerto Internacional. I embarked on this journey with two of my best friends, Trevor Shaw and Wesley Turner, to experience adventure, adapt to a friendly culture, and master the language of Spanish. Having been in this country for approximately six hours, I now fully realize just how ill-prepared I really am.

In the rush through customs and immigration, the three of us inadvertently exited the terminal gates, leaving behind our only option for a (somewhat) comfortable sleeping arrangement. It took a patchy discussion of visas with a security agent for us to realize just how little we knew Spanish, and our situation left us with a cultural barrier between the wonderful Costa Rican people and ourselves. However, the one thing we could count on for our trip so far has pulled through for us: the promise of adventure. With no place to go we bedded down like kings on the brown marble tile of the airport departure zone, among several other homeless-travelers for the night. Thus, this is why I sit awake, finishing this blog entry at 3:20AM local time in the SJO International Airport, keeping the first fire-watch shift of the night.

With my current lack of sleep, I find comfort in a saying I once read saying something like, “no one ever looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep.” With that in mind, I can fully assure you that this is certainly the beginning to a memorable adventure.

We make experiences by overcoming challenge, which comes from what we believe are impossible situations. But it is once we make it out of those perceived impossible situations that we truly learn more about ourselves. With the ability to know oneself that much more, service towards others comes that much easier. So even though I’m currently out of my comfort zone, losing a battle against exhaustion in a country and culture where I can barely maintain a conversation, I know I’m beginning a spectacular adventure, enduring experiences I won’t ever forget.

For the next three months stay updated with me as I share the highlights, the disappointments, and the life lessons of this experience. Thank you for reading.


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